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At Orsmond Clinics we aim to provide fast, safe and effective weight loss which is medically supervised. Whether you are finding it difficult to lose those final stubborn pounds, or you are obese, in poor health or want to improve your type 2 diabetes, Orsmond Clinics can help. Through individual assessment and weekly one to one consultations, we provide diet plans tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle.
We offer a variety of diet plans which can help you lose 10% of your weight in as little as 6-8 weeks. We also offer follow up programs to help you maintain your weight loss long-term. Our friendly and professional staff are there to support you every step of the way.

Dr. Eva...

Jan reverses his Type 2 Diabetes

Jan Younessi was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 8 years ago.
After 2 years on this medication his situation wasn’t improving,
his weight had gone up and his medication was increased. 
He started at Orsmond Clinics in June 2016, by October he had
lost 31lbs and has reduced his HbA1c from 57 (diabetic) to
37 (non-diabetic) – now he takes no Diabetic medication!          

Jan reverses his Diabetes...

Dr Eva Presents SUGAR CRASH on RTE

Sugar Crash, the RTE documentary screened on 11 January 2016 has shocked the nation. This hard hitting documentary highlights my concerns about excess sugar consumption and will hopefully get the Irish public thinking twice about consuming that extra can of fizzy drink, unnecessary energy drink and daily consumption of chocolate bars. 
But beyond these obvious sources of sugar, the hidden sugar in processed foods (soups, sauces, readymade meals) is creeping into our diet unnoticed.
What I really hope for is that parents pay a lot more attention to what they give their children. There is sugar hidden almost everywhere.  Just because the label shows a pretty picture of something healthy, and might have some "healthy" logo does not mean that it is not laden with sugar and is actually very unhealthy. Squeezed Fruit juices are one of my big concerns.


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Claire Byrne Show

Did you watch the Claire Byrne Show Monday 10 Oct 2016?

I get so frustrated when such an obvious medical condition is being incorrectly treated and the easy way of just prescribing drugs is used.

“Please, for the sake of the Nation, let’s start tackling overweight and obesity head-on, let’s start treating Type 2 Diabetes with weight loss and diet, before drugs" Dr. Eva.

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October 19,